• Frequently Asked Questions

    Should I be playing with my controllers or with hand tracking?​

    It all depends on you! They both offer a different gaming experience. Would you rather want to emulate the throwing of a ball with your real hands or do you prefer a more standard way to play?

    We saw that most people feel playing with the controller is easier, but we also saw that playing with hand tracking offers much more satisfaction on the long term.

    It seems I have a problem with hand tracking. Is there a way to make it work better?

    Don’t forget to play in an environment with a good light source. You may have more problems if you’re too much in the dark. Also, playing in a place with a contrasted background helps the cameras detect the movements of your hands better.

    Will the game have more content?

    Yes! Just Hoops is a game that we want to make evolve.


    The first major update, Crab's Quest - Summer Shots, was released on September 15 with 11 new levels, 3 specials, a challenge mode and more.


    The second one, Haunted House, released on December 14th adds:

    • New content: 14 new levels, 7 challenges, new balls, SFX, music...
    • Improved controls with a grab button for easier, one-handed or basketball style shooting
    • Use of the directions and buttons on the controller to interact with the menu
    • Passthrough mode to play in the real world
    • MRC to record yourself in mixed reality to share on social networks
    • Colorblind mode
    • New Trailer

    The team is currently working on a next major update that will add the Online mode as well as new levels, new skins and arcades.

    What will the online mode be exactly?

    It will be several things! For now, we want to focus on letting you play the levels you want with your friends or with strangers. Later on, we plan on making exclusive multiplayer levels, and possibly let you make your own personalized levels that you can share and play with other players.

    On which platforms is the game available?

    The game is available on Oculus Store App Lab. We are planning to release the game on the official Oculus Store, Steam VR and PS VR. We want to make sure that those other versions have the same quality standards, which takes some time!